Monday, January 6, 2014

The New Normal

We are finally done. Done moving and vacationing. Done with the holidays. And finally back into normal. Jason had his first real day of work at Cooper Norman today - and, of course, he loved it! He is in his element when he starts doing all things accounting and it was nice that, after he came home from a long day of work, he was happy and fulfilled.

Today was also Kenzie's first day at her new preschool. I worried that she would be nervous or scared, but the girl always surprises me. She never acts the way that I think she will. She walked in holding my hand, shy for the first few minutes, and then saw the play house and ran off with out a second thought. I had to dig her out of the play house just to get her to give me a kiss good bye. She, of course, rolled her eyes and said "Bye Mom. You can go now." I felt loved.

We spent the rest of the day cleaning, organizing and just plain settling into our new life. The kids are monumentally grumpy. Their sleeping is off and the adjustment is a real pain. Hopefully, as we roll back into our usual routine they will start sleeping better again.

Kenzie is per usual 4 going on 16. She got settled into her new CTR 4 class and made a new friend, which was very exciting. She spells Mom, Dad, Cat and Dog now. She knows all her letters and is constantly pointing them out to me. She is so sweet with her siblings. She completely mothers them and packs them around for all the games, which is quite the feat since she's pretty petite.

Haylie has discovered fashion. She has a jacket that she requires that she wears 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She'll take it off for a few moments, like to get in the tub or to change to her PJs. But as soon as she possibly can she'll drag the jacket over to me and screech until I put it back on her. She also goes through her dresser drawers and finds items that she likes and requires that these be included in all her outfits. It's the funniest thing to watch this little 15 month old girl take control of what she wears.

Jase is talking like crazy! He adds several new words to his vocabulary daily. He will scream out "Oh Toodles" with Mickey on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, his favorite show. He loves the Hot Dog song and dance and regularly through the day I'll hear him say "Hot Dog!" and do a little dance whenever he's happy. The other day he was in the hall and I called for him to come to me in the living room for a diaper change and I heard his reply, "Hold On!"

Both babies are picking up quite the vocab. They are also really good at doing all the motions to the song "Happy and You Know it" and can both say "hurray!" We also started doing 'Ring around the Rosies' and I noticed they were both yelling along with  "Ashes! Ashes!" In fact, when they want to play the game, they'll run up to me saying "Ashes! Ashes!" 

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